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Smallhead and the Horrible Hag of Hollowdale (Available Now)


Everyone in the village calls her “Smallhead,” because they think that she is nothing more than a silly girl with her head in the clouds. 

But Smallhead is smarter and cleverer than anyone gives her credit for, overcoming every obstacle using nothing but her wits. 

However, if she is to save her sisters, she must outsmart the Horrible Hag of Hollowdale!

Smallhead and the Fatal Fomori 
(Coming Aug 28th, 2021)

Smallhead now lives in the Ivory Castle, but something ancient and evil threatens everyone she cares about. To save the kingdom, she must venture back to the place she swore never to return. Getting there is the easy part. But stealing a legendary weapon to vanquish the evil may well cost Smallhead her very life.

Smallhead 3 temp cover.png
Smallhead Book 3 (Coming Dec 14th, 2021)


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